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Aarup, T. (1994). Satellite imagery of Danish and neighboring waters: interpretation of satellite ocean color data of the transition zone between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea: Ph. D. Dissertation. København, Miljø-og Energiministeriet Miljøstyrelsen.

Abdalla, J. D. (1994). The evaluation of satellite imagery in a geographic information system (GIS) for monitoring land cover changes in a semi-arid area of north-eastern Nigeria. Cranfield, Cranfield University

Abiodun, A. (1974). Application of Landsat data in the limnological study of Southern Indian lake, [s.n.].

Aerofilms, L. T. D. (1932). Exhibition of Aerial Photography by Aerofilms Ltd. held at Cumberland House, Southsea, etc, pp. 11. Aerofilms: Hounslow.

Ahern, F. J. (1978). Radiometric Calibration and Correction of Landsat 1, 2 and 3 MSS Data. Canada, Centre for Remote Sensing.

Al-Khatieb, S. O. (1981). Detection of surface evidence of sub-surface structures by interpretation methods of landsat imagery in the sedimentary rocks of central Saudi Arabia, University of London.

Allen, D. (1979). Buckinghamshire archaeology from the air. Aylesbury (Church St., Aylesbury), Buckinghamshire County Museum.

Allen, J. (1997). A study of the spatial distribution of livestock pressure in the Oliphant's Drift area, south-east Botswana, using Landsat TM. Uppsala, International Office, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Al-Mahri, A. K. (1999). JERS-1 SAR and Landsat-5 TM image data fusion: an application approach for lithological mapping. London, University of London: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Al-Omran, A. (2004). Optimum DEM resolution for radiometric correction of satellite imagery: a case study from Saudi Arabia, Nottingham: University of Nottingham; 2004.

American Society of Civil, E. (1996). Photogrammetric mapping. Technical engineering and design guides as adapted from the US Army Corps of Engineers; no. 14. New York, N.Y., ASCE Press: iii,332p.; 28cm.

Anglo-Iranian Oil, C. (1949). Map of Abadan west (drawing no. MB. 1301), map of Abadan east (drawing no. MB. 1303). London, Alfred H. Cooper & Son: 1 map: col.

Aplin, P. (1999). Fine spatial resolution satellite sensor imagery for pre-field land cover classification, University of Southampton.

Arkel, F. v. and H. v. d. Horst (1998). The low sky in pictures: understanding the Dutch: the book that makes the Netherlands feel familiar. Schiedam, Scriptum.

Arkin, Y. and Y. Barkov (1975). Israel: geological photomap. [Tel-Aviv], Survey of Israel: 1 map; 86x56cm.

Arnold, R. H. (1997). Interpretation of airphotos and remotely sensed imagery. Upper Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall; London: Prentice-Hall International.

Arthus-Bertrand, Y. (2005). The Earth from the air. London, Thames & Hudson.

Arthus-Bertrand, Y. and S. Bessis (1999). Earth from above. New York, Harry N. Abrams.

Asal, F. F. (2003). Airborne remote sensing for landscape modelling. Nottingham, University of Nottingham.

Australia. Army. Royal Australian Survey, C. (1986). Annual progress report: surveying and mapping for the period 1 Jul 85 - 30 Jun 86. Melbourne, Royal Australian Survey Corps: 21, 53, 9, [4], 7, 3p.: col, maps; 30cm.

Avery, T. E. and G. L. Berlin (1985). Interpretation of aerial photographs. Minneapolis, Minn., Burgess.

Avery, T. E., G. L. Berlin, et al. (1992). Fundamentals of remote sensing and airphoto interpretation. New York, Macmillan; Oxford: Maxwell Macmillan International.

Baban, S. M. J. (1991). The derivations of hydrological variables (including soil moisture) from satellite imagery, University of East Anglia.

Bachofer, B. T. (1979). Landsat D: case study in spacecraft design, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Bader, M. J. (1995). Images in weather forecasting: a practical guide for interpreting satellite and radar imagery. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Bain, G. (1999). Silvered wings: the aerial photography of Gordon Bain. Shrewsbury, Airlife.

Baker (1960). Elements of photogrammetry. New York, Ronald Press.

Baker, J. C. and D. G. Wiencek (2002). Cooperative monitoring in the South China Sea: satellite imagery, confidence-building measures, and the Spratly Islands disputes. Westport, Conn.; London, Praeger.

Barker, E. J. and L. H. Williams (1969). Britain from the air. London, Ginn.

Basani, B., M. Canty, et al. (2000). Commercial satellite imagery and safeguards: further case studies using multi-spectral and radar data, Harwell Laboratory.

Batts, A. J. (1990). Globetrotter project: final report, National Remote Sensing Centre.

Batty, J. (1977). An evaluation of the various LANDSAT analytical techniques available in New Zealand with respect to land use - land cover and vegetation mapping, University of Auckland.

Bayliss-Smith, T. P. and S. E. Owens (1990). Britain's changing environment from the air. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Beck, A. R. (2004). The evaluation of Corona and Ikonos satellite imagery for archaeological applications in a semi-arid environment. Durham, University of Durham

Beckingham, J. D., V. A. Futoransky, et al. (1999). Ecological classification of Saskatchewan's mid-boreal ecoregions using resource maps and aerial photographs. [Edmonton?], Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre: vi, 83 p.: ill., maps; 28 cm.

Bellon, A., A. Kilambi, et al. (1983). Analysis of the navigational error and development of an automated visible normalization procedure and severe weather deleation technique using goes satellite imagery, McGill Radar Weather Observatory.

Benny, A. H. (1981). A technique for line extraction from Landsat multi-spectral scanner satellite data with some applications of the technique. Farnborough, Royal Aircraft Establishment.

Benny, A. H. (1981). Automatic relocation of ground control points in Landsat imagery. Farnborough, Royal Aircraft Establishment.

Berger, J. (1987). Once in Europa. London, Bloomsbury, 1999.

Berlin, G. L. and W. W. j. a. Ray (1970). Application of aerial photographs and remote sensing imagery to urban research and studies. Monticello, Ill., Council of Planning Librarians.

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