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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Pyner, A. (1988). Air cameras: RAF & USAAF, 1915-1945. Burnham-on-Crouch (18, Alexandra Road, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, CH0 8BW), Alf Pyner.

Quarmby, N. A., F. Everingham, et al. (1997). Scottish Blanket Bog Inventory: Lewis and Harris; characterisation of blanket bogs using Landsat Thematic Mapper, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Rashid, M. S. (2003). A study of land transformation in Savar Upazila, Bangladesh, 1915-2001: an integrated approach using remote sensing, census, map and field data. Durham, University of Durham.

Ravensdale, J. R. (1989). In the steps of Chaucer's pilgrims: from Southwark to Canterbury from the air and on foot. London, Souvenir.

Read, R. E., R. P. D. Graham, et al. (2002). Manual of aerial survey: primary data acquisition. Latheronwheel, Whittles.

Reining, P. (1980). Challenging desertification in West Africa: insights from Landsat into carrying capacity, cultivation, and settlement sites in Upper Volta and Niger. Athens, Ohio, Ohio University Center for International Studies.

Reynolds, F. E. (1981). Oblique Aerial Photography for Comprehensive Urban Planning, American Planning Association.

Ries, T. and J. Skorve (1987). Investigating Kola: a study of military bases using satellite photography. London, Brassey's Defence.

Riley, D. N. (1987). Air photography and archaeology. London, Duckworth.

Riley, D. N. and R. Bewley (1996). Aerial archaeology in Britain. Princes Risborough, Shire.

Riley, D. N., J. Samuels, et al. (1980). Early landscape from the air: studies of crop marks in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. [Sheffield], Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Ritchie, A. (2003). Cropmark archaeology. Edinburgh, Historic Scotland.

Roberts, P. A. (1982). The use of terrain height information for improving the accuracy of classification of Landsat data. Farnborough, Royal Aircraft Establishment.

Robertson Research International, L. (1977). S.E. Asia map series, Landsat-1 interpretation: Burma. [London], Robertson Research Int. Ltd.: 3 maps.

Robins, N. A. (1993). Eye of the eagle: the luftwaffe aerial photographs of Swansea. Swansea, Tawe History.

Robins, N. A. (1995). Eye of the eagle 2: the Luftwaffe aerial photographs of Cardiff and Barry. Swansea, Tawe History.

Rogers, J. D. (1997). The interpretation and characterisation of lineaments identified from Landsat TM imagery of SW England, University of Plymouth.

Ross, F. E. (1923). Aerial haze and its effect on photography from the air. Rochester, New York, Eastman Kodak Co.

Royal Institution of Chartered, S. (2001). Vertical aerial photography and derived digital imagery: client specification guidelines, RICS Business Services Limited.

Ryder Geosystems. Satellite Mapping, D., N. G. Ryder, et al. (1981). Ryder's Standard geographic reference: the United States of America. Denver, Colo., Ryder Geosystems, Satellite Mapping Division: 1 atlas (viii,213p[2]leaves of plates): col.maps; 33cm.

Saguin, R. G. (1973). As arrows through the sky: poems. [Manila], Saguin.

Salahchourian, M. H. (1986). Lithologische und tektonische Auswertung von Landsat-MSS-Daten und Luftbildern aus den Tibesti-Gebirge/Zentralsahara mit Hilfe visueller und digitaler Klassifizierungsverfahren, Verlag von Dietrich Reimer.

Schulte, O. W. (1952). The Use of Panchromatic, Infrared, and Color Aerial Photography in the Study of Plant Distribution. A dissertation, etc. (Reprinted from Photogrammetric Engineering.), Catholic University of America Press: Washington.

Shaw, S. B. (2001). Photographing Canada from flying canoes. Burnstown, Ont., General Store Pub. House.

Sheikho, K. M. A. (1993). The use of contextual techniques and textural analysis of satellite imagery in geological studies in arid regions, University of Stirling.

Shershen, A. I. e. and Y. Rosenberg (1961). Aerial Photography. (Translated by Y. Rosenberg.) [With illustrations and maps.], pp. 344. Israel Program for Scientific Translations: Jerusalem: 8.

Short, N. M. (1976). Mission to earth: Landsat views the world. Washington, D.C., National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Office.

Simakova, M. S. (1964). Soil Mapping by Color Aerial Photography. [By] M.S. Simakova. Jerusalem, Israel Program for Scientific Translations: 24.5 x 17 cm. pp. 81.

Sims, C. A. (1958). Camera in the Sky, etc. [On aerial photography. With illustrations.], pp. viii. 217. Temple Press: London.

Singh, A. (1984). Tropical forest monitoring using digital Landsat data in Northeastern India, University of Reading.

Slater, P. N. E. (1986). Earth remote sensing using the Landsat thematic mapper and SPOT sensor systems: Technical conference: 3rd International symposium on optical and optoelectronic applied sciences and engineering: Papers and discussions, SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.

Smith, J. (1990). Ecological consequences of land use change: a study of the potential to derive useful bird habitat information from satellite imagery, National Remote Sensing Centre.

Sohn, G.-H. (2004). Building extraction from high-resolution satellite imagery and Lidar data. London, University of London

Sowter, A., D. J. Smith, et al. (1990). An error budget for ERS-1 SAR imagery: volume 1, executive summary, GEC-Marconi Research Centre.

Spaargaren, F. A. (1987). Geological map of Iraq and southwestern Iran: original Landsat interpretation incorporating other available information. Llandudno, Robertson Research International: 1 map; 97x107cm.

Spurr, S. H. (1960). [Aerial Photography in Forestry.] Photogrammetry and Photo-Interpretation. With a section on applications to forestry. Second edition, etc. [With illustrations.], pp. vi. 472. Ronald Press: New York.

Srisaengthong, D. (1982). Suspended sediment dynamics and distribution in the solent using Landsat MSS data, University of Southampton.

Staerck, C. (1998). Allied photo reconnaissance of World War Two. San Diego, Calif., Thunder Bay Press.

Stanley, R. M. (1981). World War II photo intelligence. New York, Scribner.

Stove, G. C. (1981). Experimental land use map for regional planning based on interpretation and classification of multi-temporal landsat data, Macaulay Institute for Soil Research.

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