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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Berrange, J. P. (1991). Lineament analysis of Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery of the English Lake District and environs, British Geological Survey.

Bewley, R. (1994). Prehistoric and Romano-British settlement in the Solway plain, Cumbria. Oxford, Oxbow.

Bewley, R. (1999). Archiving aerial photography and remote sensing data: a guide to good practice. Oxford, Oxbow Books for the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

Bishop, J. A. (1979). Illinois Landsat feasibility study. Springfield, Va, National Technical Information Service.

Blair, C. L. and B. V. j. a. Gutsell (1974). The American landscape: map and air photo interpretation. New York, McGraw-Hill: 62 p.: illus.; 32 cm.

Blazquez, C. H. and F. W. Horn (1980). Aerial color infrared photography: applications in citriculture. [Washington, D.C.], National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Branch.

Bord, J., C. Bord, et al. (1997). Prehistoric Britain from the air. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Bradley, J. (1980). Remote sensing of suspended sediment in Amazonian rivers using satellite multispectral imagery, University of London.

Branch, M. C. (1948). Aerial photography in urban planning and research. [S.l.], Harvard U.Pr.

Branch, M. C. (1971). City planning and aerial information. Cambridge, Mass, Harvard University Press.

Bridges, M. and J. Hyslop (1991). Planet Peru: an aerial journey through a timeless land. [United States], Professional Photography Division of Eastman Kodak Co.; London: Distributed by Hale.

Brion, M., C. E. l. Engel, et al. (1964). [Paris.] Paris in Colour. (Colour photographs by Willy Ronis. Aerial photography by Roger Henrard. Text by Marcel Brion. Translated by Claire Eliane Engel.), pp. 157. George Allen & Unwin: London.

Briscoe, M. S. (1950). Some ecological aspects of Liberia as interpreted from the vegetation on the ground and aerial photography: with special reference to the distribution of parasites. Washington, Catholic University of America: 2 microopaques 66 frames.

British Air Survey, A. (1978). Specification for vertical air photography, September 1978: presented for discussion at the Photogrammetric Society meeting on 19th December 1978. Boreham Wood, Herts. (c/o Hunting Surveys Limited, Elstree Way, Boreham Wood, Herts. WD6 1SB), The Association.

Brock, G. C. (1967). Physical aspects of aerial photography. New York, Dover Publications.

Brock, G. C. (1970). Image evaluation for aerial photography. London, Focal Press.

Brock, G. C. b. (1970). Image evaluation for aerial photography: an appraisal of current techniques. London, Focal P.

Brongers, J. A. (1976). Air photography and Celtic field research in the Netherlands. Amersfoort, Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek.

Brophy, K. and D. Cowley (2005). From the air: understanding aerial archaeology. Stroud, Tempus.

Bruneau, M. (1982). Identification et dynamique des milieux agricoles dans le Nord-Est de la Thai\0308lande: (Udon Thani - Sakhon Nakhon) donne\0301es satellitaires Landsat (1972, 1976, 1982), CEGET.

Bruneau, M. (1982). Identification et dynamique des milieux agricoles dans le Nord-Est de la Thailande: (Udon Thani - Sakhon Nakhon) donnees satellitaires Landsat (1972, 1976, 1982), CEGET.

Bruneau, M. (1986). Identification and dynamics of the agriccultural environments in the Northeast Thailand (Udon Thani - Sakhon Nakhon): Landsat images (1972, 1976, 1982). Bordeaux, CEGET-CNRS.

Bullard, R. K. and R. W. Dixon-Gough (1985). Britain from space: an atlas of Landsat images. London, Taylor & Francis.

Bureau, U. S. O. A. D. o. C. W. (1961). Catalogue of Meteorological Satellite Data-Tiros I television cloud photography, pp. ii. 147. Washington.

Burgess, P. M. A. and A. Parker (1999). Satellite: Sex Pistols: a book of memorabilia, locations, photography and fashion. London, Abstract Sounds Publishing.

Burns, J. (1999). Aerial photography. [Wollongong, N.S.W.], Five Islands.

Burnside, C. D. (1985). Mapping from aerial photographs. London, Collins: xiv,348p.: ill.; 26cm.

Cameron, R. and A. Cooke (1980). Above London. London, Bodley Head.

Canadian Advisory Committee on Remote Sensing. Geography Working, G. and M. D. Thompson (1982). Landsat for monitoring the changing geography of Canada. [Ottawa?], Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.

Cant, M. (2003). Edinburgh from the air: 70 years of aerial photography. Edinburgh, Malcolm Cant Publications in association with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

Canty, M. J. (2001). Change detection with high-resolution satellite imagery in support of verification and crisis prevention: nuclear applications. Ju\0308lich, Forschungszentrum Ju\0308lich.

Cathcart, R. B. (1979). American geography's image of human life in Earth. Monticello, Ill., Vance Bibliographies.

Chen, S. P. E. (1986). Atlas of geo-science analyses of Landsat imagery in China. Beijing, Science Press.

China. Institute of, S. (1990). Atlas of Landsat imagery of main active fault zones in China. Beijing, Science Press: 1 atlas (135p): col, col ill.; 38cm.

Christenson, J. W. (1977). Landsat urban area delineation: Intralab project 75-3. [Greenbelt, Md], [Intralab].

Ciciarelli, J. A. (1991). A practical guide to aerial photography: with an introduction to surveying. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold; London: Chapman and Hall.

Cihlar, J. E. (1986). The use of LANDSAT data in forestry: an introduction, Harwood Academic.

Cleave, R. (1993). The Holy Land: a unique perspective. [Oxford], Lynx.

Cohcrane, G. R. (1981). Landsat images of New Zealand. Christchurch NZ, Action Publications.

Cole, M. M. and S. Owen-Jones (1977). The use of LANDSAT imagery in relation to air survey imagery for terrain analysis in Northwest Queensland, Australia: ERTS Follow-on Programme study no.2692B (29650): final report. London, Department of Industry.

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