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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Francke, K. (1999). Ireland: aerial views. Stockport, Dewi Lewis.

Franklin, S. E. (1985). The significance of geomorphometric variables in Landsat MSS analysis of a high relief environment, University of Waterloo.

Frere, S. and J. K. S. St Joseph (1983). Roman Britain from the air. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Fritsch, L. (1995). Landsat: Gedichte. Wien, Deuticke.

Fucino Landsat Receiving, S. (1976). Index of archived imagery, 1975/6: the British Isles. London, Nigel Press Associates.

Galiatsatos, N. (2004). Assessment of the CORONA series of satellite imagery for landscape archaeology: a case study from the Orontes valley, Syria, Durham: University of Durham; 2004.

Garcia, C. A. E. (1989). Dynamical measurements in shallow seas from ocean colour and infrared imagery, University of Southampton.

Garnett, W. (1994). William Garnett: aerial photographs. Berkeley, Calif.; London, University of California Press.

Geological Survey of Ireland. Aerial Photography, U. (1981). Aerial photography: information on the 1:30,000 aerial photographic survey of Ireland. Dublin, Geological Survey of Ireland.

Gerster, G. (1978). Flights of discovery: the earth from above. New York; London, Paddington Press.

Giglierano, J. D. (1984). Detection and enhancement of circular features on a Landsat image, Purdue University.

Global Mapping, L. (2001). Dumbarton. SkyView posters. [Brackley, Northamptonshire], Global Mapping Limited: 1 remote-sensing image: col.

Global Mapping, L. (2001). Swansea (Abertawe). SkyView posters. [Brackley, Northamptonshire], Global Mapping Limited: 1 remote-sensing image: col.

Global Mapping, L. (2001). The Gower Peninsula. SkyView posters. [Brackley, Northamptonshire], Global Mapping Limited: 1 remote-sensing image: col.

Goppers, K. (1997). Mapping for economic development: Sida-supported satellite imagery and computerized cadastral support systems in the Phillipines, SIDA.

Gordon, H. R. and A. Y. Morel (1983). Remote assessment of ocean color for interpretation of satellite visible imagery: a review. New York, Springer-Verlag.

Gowin, E., J. Reynolds, et al. (2002). Emmet Gowin: changing the earth: aerial photographs. New Haven, Conn.; London, Yale University Art Gallery in association with the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Yale University Press.

Graham, R. and R. E. Read (1986). Manual of aerial photography. London, Focal.

Great Britain. Directorate of Overseas, S. (1979). Photogeological map of Botswana 1978, D.O.S. (Geol.) 1218. [Tolworth], Directorate of Overseas Surveys for the Republic of Botswana: 1 map on 2 sheets; 57x104cm.

Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical, S. (1944). Enemy defense overprint [Italy], Series GSGS 4164 [Defenses]. [S.l.], 5th Army: maps: col.

Greeves, T. (1985). The archaeology of Dartmoor from the air. Exeter, Devon Books.

Griffiths, G. H. (1985). Mapping rangeland vegetation in Northern Kenya from landsat data. Birmingham, University of Aston.

Grossinho, A. L. (1996). Analysis of damaged Norway spruce stands using Landsat Thematic Mapper and geographic information systems, University of London.

Gruen, A., O. Kuebler, et al. (1995). Automatic extraction of man-made objects from aerial and space images. Basel, Birkha\0308user.

Gustafson, G. C. (1973). Quantitative investigation of the morphology of drainage basins using orthophotography, Mu\0308nchen.

Gustafsson, H. M. and G. I. Lasaki (2000). Ground truth observations for radar satellite imagery: deforestation in and around a Brazilian rainforest reserve. Uppsala, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, International Office.

Guyenne, T. D. E. and G. E. Calabresi (1989). European coordinated effort for monitoring the earth's environment: a pilot project campaign on Landsat Thematic Mapper applications (1985-87): Workshop entitled "Landsat thematic mapper applications": Selected papers, European Space Agency.

Hall, G. and N. Brash (1984). Above Sydney. Sydney, Landsdowne Pub., 1994.

Hallgren, L. and A. Johansson (1999). Analysing land cover changes in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia, using Landsat TM and spot XS imagery. Uppsala, International Office, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Hamblin, W. K. (1980). Atlas of stereoscopic aerial photographs and Landsat imagery of North America. Minneapolis, Minn., Tasa.

Hancock, P. J. (1982). Landsat multispectral scanner and radiometer investigations of selected bare particulate floodplain surfaces in Basilicata Province, Southern Italy, University of Reading.

Harding, N. J. (1991). The use of satellite imagery and topographical information in predicting moorland bird distribution and abundance in the North Pennines, Nature Conservancy Council, Information and Library Services.

HarperCollins (2001). Collins [new] world atlas. London, HarperCollins: 1 atlas (334p): col; 37cm.

HarperCollins (2002). Collins world atlas concise edition. London, Collins: 1 atlas (248p): col, col ill.; 34cm.

Harris, J. W. E., A. F. Dawson, et al. (1978). Evaluation of Landsat data for forest pest detection and damage appraisal surveys in British Columbia. British Columbia, Canadian Forestry Service.

Hashim, M. (1995). Classification of landsat thematic mapper data for land cover mapping in Malaysia: a morphological and contextual approach, University of Stirling.

Hawkes, J. (2003). Aerial: the art of photography from the sky. Mies; Hove, RotoVision.

Hawkes, J. and F. Barker (1992). London from the air. London, Ebury.

Hayes, L. (1986). Techniques for facilitating the registration and rectification of satellite data with examples using data from the advanced very high resolution radiometer and the Landsat multispectral scanner, University of Dundee.

Heath, W. (1980). Inexpensive aerial photography for highway engineering and traffic studies. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory.

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