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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Strachan, D. (1998). Essex from the air: archaeology and history from aerial photographs. [Essex], Essex County Council.

Strawbridge, F., S. K. Haslett, et al. (2000). The potential of aerial digital photography for saltmarsh monitoring, Bath Spa University College, School of Geography and Development Studies.

Stuart, N. and J. Hogg (1987). Analysis of upland vegetation using classified Landsat TM data and a pilot geographic information system, University of Leeds School of Geography.

Surell, K. (1987). The shore types of lake Kariba, Zimbabwe: a case study using Landsat MSS: report from a minor field study, Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

Survey of, G. (1956). Southern Savannah Survey. [Accra], Ghana Survey Dept.: maps: col.

Tait, D. A. (1985). Basic landstat image processing: B.L.I.P, University of Glasgow Department of Geography.

Taylor, C. C. (1998). The parks and gardens of Britain: a landscape history from the air. Keele, Keele University Press.

Taylor, J. (1996). Iron Age and Roman landscapes in the East Midlands: a case study in integrated survey, University of Durham.

Temple, P. and A. Apse (1986). New Zealand from the air. Auckland; London, Whitcoulls.

Thailand. Krom Thang, H. (1981). [Highway maps drawn from Landsat imagery of regions in Thailand published by the Department of Highways and the Remote Sensing Division]. [Bangkok], Krom Thang Hluang: 4 maps: col.

Thompson, M. D. (1981). Landsat analysis to identify and map saline dryland soils in Southern Alberta: phase II final report. Calgary, INTERA Environmental Consultants.

Thompson, M. D. e. (1982). LANDSAT for Monitoring the Charging Geography of Canada. Canada, Centre for Remote Sensing CCRS Energy Mines and Resorces.

Thomson, D. W. (1975). Skyview Canada: a story of aerial photography in Canada. [Ottawa], Energy, Mines and Resources Canada.

Thorold, H. S. M. and R. Allen (1999). Southwell Minster: the illustrated guide. Derby, English Life.

Times, B. (1999). The Times comprehensive atlas of the world. London, Times Books: 1 atlas (67, v, 124, 220p): col, ill.; 46 c + slipcase.

Tindal, M. A. (1978). Educator's guide for Mission to earth: Landsat views the world. Greenbelt, Md, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center.

United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Energy Activities, R. (1976). Surface coal mining in the Northern Great Plains of the Western United States: an introduction and inventory utilizing aerial photography collected in 1974 and 1975. Denver, The Agency.

United States. Geological, S. (1979). Color image map [United States - Mexico border]. Reston, Geological Survey: 215? remote sensing images: col.

United States. Geological, S. (1982). Index to Landsat worldwide reference systems (WRS): Landsats 1, 2, 3, and 4. [Reston, Va.], U.S.G.S.: 26 maps: col; 70x50cm.

University of Cambridge. Committee for Aerial, P. and J. K. S. Saint-Joseph (1951). Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photographs. Catalogue by J. K. St. Joseph, Cambridge.

Valadan Zoej, M. J. (1997). Photogrammetric evaluation of space linear array imagery for medium scale topographic mapping, University of Glasgow.

Varjo, J. (1997). Change detection and controlling forest information using multi-temporal Landsat TM imagery. Tampere, Finnish Society of Forest Research [and] Finnish Forest Research Institute.

Von Bandat, H. F. (1962). Aerogeology. Houston, Tex., Gulf Pub. Co.

Wagner, T. (1972). Land use map of Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu, H.M.G. Survey Department: 1 map: col; 38x36cm.

Walker, C. and H. Potgieter (1989). Above Africa: aerial photography from the Okavango swamplands. London, New Holland.

Wang, J. (1996). Modelling surface solar energy by use of landsat thematic mapper data and digital elevation models, University of Reading.

Wang, M.-C. J. (2000). Mapping and monitoring land degradation in southern New Mexico using Landsat data, University of London.

Ward Ritchie, P. (1975). Photo-atlas of the United States: a complete photographic atlas of the U.S.A. using satellite photography. Pasadena, Calif., Ward Ritchie Press.

Ward, R. G. (1964). Fiji 1: 250,000. Vanua Levu. Land use. D.O.S. (L.U.) 3022. First edition D.O.S. Land use data compiled by R. Gerard Ward. from aerial photography (1951, 1952 and 1954) and field reconnaissance (1958-60). [Tolworth], Directorate of Overseas Surveys: 94 x 57.5 cm.

Wark, D. Q. a. P. and R. W. Popham (1962). Ice Photography from the Meteorological Satellites, Tiros I and Tiros II, pp. ii. 68. Washington.

Warner, W. S., R. Graham, et al. (1996). Small format aerial photography. Caithness, Whittles.

Watson, N. J. (1998). Mapping land cover in the Sperrins area of outstanding natural beauty using digitally processed satellite imagery, University of Ulster.

Way, D. S. (1978). Terrain analysis: a guide to site selection using aerial photographic interpretation. Strondsburg, Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross; New York; London: McGraw-Hill.

Westbrook, A. G. (2000). Spatial and seasonal variation in the performance of algorithms for deriving in-water properties from ocean colour, University of Plymouth.

Western Australia. Department of Land, A. (1996). PanAIRama, Western Australia. Perth, Department of Land Administration: 58 computer optical discs (4 3/4 in): col.

Western Australia. Department of Lands and, S. (1975). Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Perth, Department of Lands and Surveys: 1 map; 38x76cm.

Western Australia. Geological, S. (2001). Interpreted geology of the Shoemaker impact structure. Perth, W.A., Geological Survey of Western Australia: 1 map: col, col ill.

Whimster, R. (1989). The emerging past: air photography and the buried landscape. London, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England.

White, L. P. (1977). Aerial photography and remote sensing for soil survey. Oxford, Clarendon Press.

Whiteford, K. (1997). Remote sensing: drawings from the British School at Rome. London, The School.

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