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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Collins, M. R. (1998). The aerial photo sourcebook. Lanham, Md.; London, Scarecrow Press.

Colwell, J. E. (1980). Use of landsat data to assess waterfowl habitat quality. [Washington, DC], Gov't Print. Off. [for] Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Center, and Environmental Research Institute of Michigan.

Colwell, R. N. (1956). Determining the Prevalence of certain Cereal Crop Diseases by means of Aerial Photography. [With illustrations.], Berkeley.

Condit, T. (1997). Ireland's archaeology from the air. Dublin, Country House.

Corbishley, M. (2004). Aerial photography. London, English Heritage.

Craighead, J. J., J. S. Sumner, et al. (1982). A definitive system for analysis of grizzly bear habitat and other wilderness resources: utilizing LANDSAT multispectral imagery and computer technology, University of Montana.

Cranfield University: xiv, 257 leaves.

Cunliffe, T. (2000). The Shell Channel pilot: the South Coast of England & the North Coast of France. St. Ives, Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson.

Curran, P. J. (1981). Remote sensing: the role of small format light aircraft photography. Reading (Whiteknights, Reading), Department of Geography, University of Reading.

Darvill, T. C. (1996). Prehistoric Britain from the air: a study of space, time and society. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Davison, A. (1996). Deserted villages in Norfolk. Norfolk origins; 5. North Walsham, Poppyland Pub.: 92 p.: ill., maps; 21 cm.

Dech, S. W., R. Glässer, et al. (2005). Mountains from space: peaks and ranges of the seven continents. New York; London, Harry N. Abrams.

Delano, J., R. E. Ostman, et al. (1996). Superfortress over Japan: twenty-four hours with a B-29. Osceola, WI, USA, Motorbooks International.

Delsol, C. (2004). Objective indentifcation weather systems in satellite imagery using fourier shape descriptors. Reading, University of Reading

Denegre, J. (1994). Thematic mapping from satellite imagery: a guidebook = Cartographie the\0301matique de\0301rive\0301e des images satellitaires: un guide. Oxford, Published on behalf of the International Cartographic Association by Elsevier Science: xxvi,269p.,[23] leaves of plates: ill(some col.), maps(some col.); 31cm.

Deriu, D. (2004). The photogenic city: aerial photography and urban visions in Europe, 1914-1945. London, University of London

Designs, R. B. (1979). Vista-maps, London: with matching souvenir aerial colour pictures: pinpointing sights, theatres, cinemas, top hotels, shops, museums. Barnsley (Platts Common Industrial Estate, Hoyland, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire), Wybone-Macgregor Publications: 20p.: col ill., col maps; 33cm.

Dewhurst, N. (1999). The modelling of rainfall over Brazil using infrared and passive microwave satellite imagery, University of Bristol.

Dickinson, G. C. (1979). Maps and air photographs: images of the Earth. London, Edward Arnold: xiii,348p.: ill., maps; 26cm.

Disperati, A. A. (1981). The mapping of strands of Para Pine (Araucaria Angustifolia (Bert) O. Ktze.) in the forest of South-West Parana State (Brazil) using a computer-aided analysis of landsat MSS data, University of London.

Dohrenwend, J. C., F. Gray, et al. (2001). "Processed thematic mapper satellite imagery for selected areas within the U.S.-Mexico borderlands [electronic resource]."

Dorling, K. (2002). The great world atlas. London, Dorling Kindersley: 1 atlas (xxxvi, 492p): col, col ill.; 46cm.

Dungan, J. L. (2000). Geostatistical prediction of vegetation amount using ground and remotely sensed data, University of Southampton.

Easterbrook, D. J. and D. J. Kovanen (1999). Interpretation of landforms from topographic maps and air photographs laboratory manual. Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall: vii, 193: ill., maps; 28 cm.

Eastman, K. (1982). Kodak data for aerial photography. Rochester, N.Y., Eastman Kodak Company.

Edwards, D. A. and C. Partridge (1978). Aerial archaeology. Hertford (17 Bull Plain, Hertford SG14 1DX), The Committee.

Edwards, E. (2001). An investigation into the use of aerial digital photography for monitoring coastal sand dunes, University of the West of England at Bristol.

Eisenbeis, K. M. (1995). Privatizing government information: the effects of policy on access to Landsat satellite data. Metuchen; London, Scarecrow: xxvii,327p.

Ekstrand, S. (1998). Determination of algal production in an industrial waste water plume using Landsat TM satellite imagery. Gothenburg, IVL.

El-Ashry, M. T. (1977). Air photography and coastal problems. Stroudsburg, Pa., Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross.

El-Baz, F. (1978). Egypt as seen by Landsat. Cairo, Dar al-Maaref.

Eller, R. (2000). Secrets of successful aerial photography. Buffalo, N.Y., Amherst Media; [London: Turnaround [distributor]].

Elvidge, C. E. (1990). Image processing '89: Conference: Papers. Bethesda, MD, ASPRS.

Ethell, J. L., C. Yeager, et al. (1995). There once was a war: the collected color photography of World War II. New York, N.Y., Viking Studio Books; London: Penguin.

Evans, F. C. (1971). Geographical photographs. Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd.

Falconer, A. E. and R. E. Gerber (1980). LANDSAT: satellite imagery for the classroom: Sydney. Milton, Qld., Jacaranda Press.

Fleming, J. (1981). Basic Guide to Small-Format hand-held Oblique Aerial Photography. Ottawa Canada, Centre for Remote Sensing Energy, Mines and Resources.

Fortney, B. and W. Fortney (2001). America from 500 feet!. Minnetonka, Minn.; [Great Britain], NorthWord Press.

Foschi, P. G. (1992). Classification of subpixel woody vegetation in remotely-sensed imagery of lowland Britain, University of Oxford.

Foster, N. H. and E. A. Beaumont (1992). Photogeology and photogeomorphology. Tulsa, Okla., U.S.A., American Assocation of Petroleum Geologists.

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