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Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books
Aerial Photography Books

Aerial Photography and Satellite Photography Books

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Malan, O. G. (1981). How to use transparent diazo colour film for interpretation of Landsat images. Pretoria, National Physical Research Laboratory.

Malan, O. G., D. W. Van der Zel, et al. (1980). Preparation of a forestry map of South Africa using Landsat data. Phase 1, Feasibility study. Pretoria, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research National Physical Research Laboratory.

Masamvu, K. S. (1987). Satellite remote sensing for the monitoring of environmental hazards and assessment of disasters in Southern Africa, University of Bristol.

Masters, E. G. E. and J. R. E. Pollard (1993). Advanced remote sensing: coming of age-21 years after landsat: Conference: Papers, The School of Surveying, University of New South Wales.

Mat Lela, M. S. b. (1992). The integration of remotely sensed data using Landsat and radar imagery with ancillary information for forest management, University of Nottingham.

McKinley, A. C. (1929). Applied aerial photography. New York, N.Y., Wiley.

McKinley, A. C. and A. M. Narraway (1929). Applied aerial photography, with a chapter on Oblique Aerial Surveys [Canada]. New York, Wiley.

McVicar, T. R. (1996). Relating LANDSAT TM vegetation indices to in situ Leaf Area Index measurements, CSIRO.

McVicar, T. R., D. L. B. Jupp, et al. (1996). Relating AVHRR vegetation indices to LANDSAT TM Leaf Area Index estimates, CSIRO.

Mesev, T. V. (1995). Urban land use modelling from classified satellite imagery, University of Bristol.

Meyer, M. and W. J. Boyne (1987). Classics: U.S. aircraft of World War II. Charlottesville, Va., Howell Press.

Miller, D. R. (1992). Development of knowledge-based system for mapping bracken in upland Scotland, University of Aberdeen.

Mohamed, M. A. (1981). Photogrammetric analysis and rectification of Landsat MSS and Seasat SAR imageries, University of London.

Monkhouse, F. J. (1971). Landscape from the air: a physical geography in oblique air photographs. London, Cambridge University Press.

Montero, P. O. (1981). Report on the Ground Truth Geologic Data Gathering in Nueva Era, IIccos Norte and Vicinity for the Landsat Imagery Interpretation of the Area. Manila, Minestry of Natural Resources Bureau of Mines and Geo Sciences.

Morgan, M. and H. Sund (1989). Over Washington. Seattle, Weldon Owen Publishing.

Mueller-Wille, C. and R. M. Smith (1984). Images of the world: an atlas of satellite imagery and maps. Glasgow, Collins: 175p.: ill., chiefly maps(some col.); 31cm.

Munday, T. J. (1985). Multispectral remote sensing of surficial materials in an arid environment, University of Reading.

Myers, J. W., E. E. Myers, et al. (1992). The Aerial atlas of ancient Crete. London, Thames and Hudson.

National Remote Sensing, C. (1985). [Landsat 2 view of Northern England, Path 219, row 22 22 May 1977]. Farnborough, Hants., N.R.S.C.: 1 remote-sensing image: col; 71x70cm.

Nefedov, K. E. and T. A. Popova (1972). Deciphering of groundwater from aerial photographs. New Delhi, Amerind.

Neto, F. M. M. A. (1993). Analysis of the characteristics and orientation of linear array stereo imagery from satellite sensors, University of London.

Newlands, A. G. (1987). Satellite imagery and solar temperature fields. Leatherhead, Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) Technology Planning and Research Division.

Norman, E. R. a. S. J. and J. K. S. Saint-Joseph (1969). The early development of Irish society: the evidence of aerial photography, London: Cambridge University Press.

Nothrop, L. J. (1982). Landsat detection of irrigation area salinity. Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service.

Oosthuizen, S. (1996). Cambridgeshire from the air. Stroud, Alan Sutton.

Ordnance Survey. Overseas Surveys, D. (1986). Tabora, experimental image map SB-36 (29-36), OSD 900/1 EXP. Southampton, Government of United Kingdom (Ordnance Survey) for the Regional Centre for Services in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing: 1 map: col.; 45x77cm.

Oxford University, P., P. Wiegand, et al. (2001). The Oxford junior atlas for Wales. Oxford, Oxford University Press: 1 atlas (80p): col, col ill.; 29cm.

Paine, D. P. (1981). Aerial photography and image interpretation for resource management. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Paine, D. P. and J. D. Kiser (2003). Aerial photography and image interpretation. Hoboken, N.J.; [Chichester], Wiley.

Palmer, R. and C. Cox (1993). Uses of aerial photography in archaeological evaluations, Institute of Field Archaeologists.

Pan American Institute of Geography and, H. (1981). Americas 1:250 000. [Mexico, D.F.], Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia: maps: col.

Peirce, N. R. and S. Proehl (1990). Over New England. San Francisco, Calif., Collins Publishers.

Perdiga\0303o, V. (1992). Stratification of tras-os-montes using integrated GIS and Landsat TM data, Commission of the European Communities.

Pickering, J. and R. F. Hartley (1985). Past worlds in a landscape: archaeological crop marks in Leicestershire. Leicester, Leicester Museums, Art Galleries and Records Service.

Pilon, P. G. (1991). Integrating satellite imagery into a geographic information system for monitoring the downstream impacts of dam construction on floodplain agriculture in Sokoto state, Nigeria: a thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfilment of the thesis requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geography. Waterloo, University of Waterloo: 3 microfiche.

Piper, K. L. (2002). Cartographic fictions: maps, race, and identity. New Brunswick, NJ, Rutgers University Press.

Pochvennyi\0306 Institut Imeni, V. V. D. and M. S. Simakova (1964). Soil mapping by colour aerial photography. Jerusalem, Israel Program for Scientific Translations: 84p.; 8vo.

Powys-Lybbe, U. (1983). The eye of intelligence. London, Kimber.

Proud, L. H. and F. Lodge (1990). Satellite images for geography: a teaching pack of Landsat images. [Farnborough, Hants.], Educational Products Unit, Orbtal Observations Ltd.

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